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‘Blinged-out’ 86-year-old among Lady Gaga’s biggest fans.

Inez Whitfield may just be one of Edmonton’s hippest seniors. She’s also one of Lady Gaga’s biggest — if not one of her oldest — fans.

Monday’s concert at Rexall Place is the 86-year-old’s second Lady Gaga experience.

While the walker has been replaced with a wheelchair, Whitfield isn’t letting that hold her back.

“I will be dancing in my heart and my daughter will be a-boppin,” she said.

The retired teacher once again got decked out in a feather boa and a lot of sparkle for what she says will be “one of the most special nights of [her] life.”

“We decided to ‘bling it up’ as best as we could…because it’s a sparkly night,” Whitfield said.

The senior, whose caregivers nicknamed her “Granny Gaga,” was able to get a special pass from her care centre to go to the show.

It may be just what the doctor ordered; in the last two weeks, Whitfield has undergone two emergency surgeries. Her daughter, Kendra, thinks the anticipation of Monday night’s show is what helped her recover.

The senior explains that what she loves most about Lady Gaga is her youthful energy. She also feels there’s a lot of warmth and love beneath all of Gaga’s glitz and the glam.

“You know, in this dark world…with all these horrible things going on – she’s like a little sunbeam that comes in and dances and sings, and you never know what to expect. And that’s so lovely.”

Her daughter’s goal is to get her mom to meet her pop idol.

You can watch the interview with the 86-year-old who’s been dubbed ‘Granny Gaga’ at the source

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